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Chyau Fwu

Major Construction Projects Completed in Taiwan 1950s – 1970s


1980s – Current
Expansion to Hong Kong and establishment of the name Hong Kong Parkview. Group embarked on series of property development projects in Asia, all still partially or wholly owned by the Group

Compound of the Directorate General of Postal Administration

Cheng Chih University

Hsintien River Dam

Political Warfare Academy

Chinese Air Force Airport – Taoyuan

N°22 Bridge of the North-Link Railway System

Aichen Mansions

Ming Yuan Mansions

Meiling Mansions

Chialing Mansions

Ming Feng Mansions

Chyau Fwu Estate

Citibank Building

Anlo Building

First 12 storey high-rise apartment building in Taipei

The International Building

Award winning precedent for Taipei’s modern office buildings

World Trade Building

Taipei’s first curtain wall building with earthquake protection technology

Bank Tower

South East Asia’s first green building with energy saving glass finishes

World Wide House

The only office building in Taipei at that time to have a spacious courtyard and landscaped gardens on ground level

Hong Kong Parkview

Residential development set in parkland that set a new benchmark in Asia

Star House, Hong Kong

Acquired. Since sold

AXA Insurance Headquarters Hong Kong

Acquired the former Carrian Centre. Since sold

Fan Cruise Garden, Japan

Concept design for amusement park

FBM Shipyard

Shipbuilding facilities


HKG-Macao fast catamaran route (not current)

Turbo CAP F. Ferries (SPAIN)

Barcelona-Majorca catamaran route (not current)

Gallaria Furnishings

Agents for imported furniture from USA (not current)


Exclusive agents for Hyundai vehicles (not current)

Macmosa–Coral Princess Cruise Ship

Southeast Asian based luxury cruise line (since sold)

Park Palace, Shanghai

Luxury residences offering space and tranquillity in one of China’s busiest cities

Parkview Garden, Shanghai

Dingshan Parkview Hotel, Nanjing

5 star hotel with serviced apartments and landscaped gardens. One of the first joint ventures between a foreign company and the Chinese Government

New York & Milan Four Seasons

Joint ownership of the Four Seasons New York and Milan 1992-96

Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Joint ownership of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel 1992-96

Battersea Power Station

It was sold in 2006

Primeline Petroleum Corporation & Primeline Energy Holdings, Inc (PEH-TSX-V)

Established in 1993, exploration in East China Sea resulted in discovery of significant natural gas field. Preparation underway for production platform and wells, subsea pipeline and offshore terminals

Beauvallon, France

Acquired the Belle-Epoque hotel and beach club in 1997, now being restored as a private haven for invited guests

Residential Projects


Park Place Shanghai

Luxury residential development

Harbin Park Central, Harbin

Development including residences and retail

Parkview Square, Singapore

Landmark office tower in Art Deco style

Hotel Eclat, Taipei

Centrally located in the Da-An district, member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World group

Q by Q

New concept for top-end modular construction

Chateau de Coligny, France

A place for play and pleasure, culture and wellbeing an hour and a half from Paris

Okinawa, Japan

10-hectare beachfront site. Resort will host Q by Q and include a total well-being longevity centre

Société Maritime Côte d’Azur (SMCA)

Shipping agent providing licensing, technical and management services for a diverse range of boats

Parkview Eclat Singapore

The city’s most elite residential address

Niseko, Japan

14.1-hectare site in renowned resort will include high-end residential, hotel and commercial zones

Ealing, London

9-hectare site, formerly the Barclays Bank Sports Ground, to be redeveloped as a state-of-the-art sports training facility and private club

Parkview Green, Beijing

Energy-efficient urban pyramid incorporating 4 towers of office, retail and living space in nearly 200,000m². Awarded Best Green Building in Asia at MIPIM 2010. Expected to be the first LEED platinum certified development in China

About us

The Parkview Group

The Parkview Group is a conglomerate of private companies owned by the Hwang family. Parkview’s roots lie in the Chyau Fwu Group, a pioneering construction and development business founded in Taiwan by Mr. C.S. Hwang in the 1950s.
Principally focused on major infrastructure projects, Chyau Fwu was a key player at the vanguard of Taiwan’s early development. As the company moved into property investment and development, Chyau Fwu cemented a reputation for top-end landmark projects that set new benchmarks for quality and innovation.
In the 1980s, the family expanded their base and investments to Hong Kong. At this time, they acquired at Government auction a major new residential site for development. The Hong Kong Parkview project was an ambitious achievement with a total investment of HK$4 billion. 20 years on it is still widely recognised as the territory’s most innovative and luxurious large-scale residential complex.
In his lifetime, Mr. Hwang instilled a strong vision and a set of values that remain at the heart of all our businesses. His tireless, uncompromising spirit and strict adherence to the highest building standards, craftsmanship, materials and design research lives on. The driving force behind everything we do is our core philosophy of creating and delivering landmark destinations.
Under the direction of four of Mr. Hwang’s sons, the Parkview Group of today has diverse investments in Europe and Asia ranging from the exploration and production of natural oil and gas, top end residential and hotel developments, to cutting edge construction and materials research facilities. It has always been our firm belief that there should be no boundaries: geographical, cultural or otherwise in business. The diversity of interests is only possible because the four brothers have their own independent and individual responsibilities in addition to the family trust investments. This has enabled the family to grow in different areas without losing the strength of the legacy of C.S. Hwang, and the core value that he has instilled in them all – the perpetual quest for achievement through endeavour and humility.

Building Blocks

Often an off-centre location where design is key to realising our vision for a new destination.
To be appreciated by a sophisticated international audience.
To make a difference through nurturing a strong sense of community at the heart of our developments.
To create unique projects that go beyond what has been done before elsewhere.

The Sons

Mr. C.S. Hwang (1926‐2005) has four sons in the family business. They were all educated at boarding school in North Wales. Each of them went on to obtain degrees in different fields.
George, Victor, Richard and Tony have degrees in Building Technology, Finance and Economics, Civil Engineering and Banking respectively.

The Quest of Mankind

With our first breath, each and every human being sets out on the journey of life.
How does it happen that there are those who leave an indelible and historic mark on the face of mankind, and others live and die without a trace?
Those whose lives have inspired us through their achievements past and present have all understood that journey of life to great achievement is never an easy route.
The Quest begins with having the intelligence of vision and enlightenment. It requires the determination to exert great effort and activity to ascertain their goals. In times of difficulty, one must have the strength of courage and endurance to persevere. In doing so, one embraces the spirit of the Quest of Mankind.
Success is to be congratulated, however, one must embrace the philosophy of Altruism, which requires that accomplishment comes through peaceful means and with a noble heart and it is this that rewards one with real achievement in live.